Where are MAV Glass products made?

Updated 1 month ago by Robert Lady

Across our wide product selection, we source raw materials, parts, finished products and accessories from a variety of trusted local and foreign partners. Through investment in local design, prototyping and production, our glass has evolved to incorporate unique colors, shapes and designs that make MAV stand out in the glass smoke-ware industry. Outsourced production has allowed us to meet demand while continuing to provide our customers with high-quality, affordable functional glass.

Our work with local artists and creatives to produce limited-edition pieces and special collaborations allows us to highlight and celebrate the talent and diversity of our wonderful cannabis community and family.

All final assembly, packing and distribution is completed by our hard-working warehouse and management teams at our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.  

MAV Glass’ approach to serving the cannabis community has allowed us to invest in the resources we need to build on what we started and a voice that spreads our message of healing, peace, love and inclusivity.  

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